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While some say change is the only constant, uncertainty is an unavoidable partner in our cybersecurity journey.  Uncertainty about what events will affect us, how our own organizations will change, and how best to plan in advance and react over time.

In this unpredictable environment, the one strategy guaranteed to fail is standing still.  The question becomes where to change and how to do it right – and your decisions will depend heavily on your inputs.  Keep the same inputs and your visibility into new risks and opportunities will steadily erode.

Instead, commit to evolving your perspective in tangible ways in 2016:

  • Learn how your peers are changing their people, process, and technology.  Pick 3 peers outside your business and ask them about the top 3 things they’re doing differently next year – processes they’re changing, initiatives they’re starting (or stopping), ways they are reorganizing to be more effective and efficient.
  • Understand the latest adversaries and attack techniques.  Your resilience to threats is only as good as your defenses (people, process, and technology) – but there’s no such thing as a generic defense.  Measuring your effectiveness against the adversaries and attacks relevant to you is needed to test your security effectiveness.  Invincea just published an adversarial playbook paper to aid in this effort.
  • Collaborate with your peers across the industry.  Actively participate in one new industry organization, working group, or conference in 2016.  This not only strengthens the security community, but also gives you deeper insight into what’s working elsewhere, where there is real action vs. talk, and what trends & opportunities people are most excited about.
  • Stay on top of the newest technologies.  Don’t fall behind and develop security blind spots.  It’s become clear that even the hottest technologies of the last 5 years – such as network sandboxes and next-gen firewalls – have gaps in coverage.  It’s never been more important to stay current on the latest innovations and how they can protect you against your adversaries.
  • Continue to develop your and your teams’ capabilities.  Shake things up to get people thinking in new ways.  Cross-pollinate your team members – have them rotate responsibilities periodically or shadow one another.  You’ll be amazed at the insights that result – all critical input to help you evolve your decision making.

How will you change your perspective in 2016?  Let me know your approach as you prepare for the new year.


How Will You Change Your Perspective This Year?

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